These many talented women have won the honor of being crowned "Harmony Queens" (the championship quartet) at various Harmony Inc. International Contests throughout the years.  We're very proud of them all! 

Our championship quartets

Key Chords

1961 Harmony Queens


Linda Laben (tenor)

Ruth Geils (lead) 

Ginger Carpenter (bari)

Mayme Laben (bass)

Cameo Performance

1985 Harmony Queens

Karen (Howells) Gungel (tenor)

Carol Campbell (lead) (Do-Re-Mi chapter)

Nancy Foris (bari)

Robin Gould (bass)

Jeanne O'Connor (bass) replaced Cynthia Seeden in 2006

Scale Blazers

1964 Harmony Queens

Holly (Hogrefe) Singer (tenor)

Betty (Somogyi) Gunterman (lead)

Jeanne (Eme) O'Connor (bari)

Ruth Geils (bass)

Change of Heart

1999 Harmony Queens


Janet Foster (tenor) (HOI Chapter) Sara Stone (HOI Chapter)

Robin Gould (bass)

Susan Spencer (bari) (HOI Chapter)


Lynn Randall (lead) replaced

Marti Chapman in 1992

First Class

 1990 Harmony Queens

Debbie (Westergaard) Genovese (bari)

Allynn Kairis (bass)

Claudia Prokupek (lead)

Wendy Ahlgrim (tenor) 

Village Vocal Chords

Jeanne O'Connor (bari) replaced

Beth Diefenbach in 1988


1987 Harmony Queens

Betty Gunterman (lead)

Beth Ramsson (bass)

Beth Diefenbach (bari)

Karen Benjamin (tenor)

Esprit de Corps

1974 Harmony Queens

Sharon Schneider (tenor)

Betty Gunterman (lead)

JoAnne Huff (bari)

Jeanne O'Connor (bass)

Chicago Chord Company

1982 Harmony Queens

Mary Marek (tenor)

Betty Gunterman (lead)

Kris Jensen (bari)

Beth Ramsson (bass)


2002 Harmony Queens

Ruthie Schaffer (tenor)

Lynn Randall (lead)

Cynthia Seeden (bass)

Lauren Lindeman (bari)

The Villagers

1977 Harmony Queens

Mary Marek (tenor)

Marti Chapman (lead)

Lauren Lindeman (bari)

Jacquie Jensen (bass)


2008 Harmony Queens

Katie Taylor (tenor) Northern Blend Chorus

Lynn Randall (lead)

Jeanne O'Connor (bass)

Lauren Lindeman (bari)